Thursday, September 18, 2008

Collaboration Between Shoppers & Designers

Ponoko is a company that manufactures highly creative and bespoke products. The company initially began by selling unique items designed by aspirant designers. But realising that many consumers have great ideas for products and as another way of appealing to the target market, the company has introduced a clever new option, Ponoko ID.

Ponoko ID allows users to submit a request, including a description, reference material, as well as their ideal price and delivery deadline. The request is then sent to a selection of designers who can put forward a bid by emailing a brief proposal to the shopper.

After reviewing bids, the shopper can accept the one that best matches their Once the designer confirms the transaction, the request/bid becomes a binding agreement. The shopper makes payment to the designer (through Ponoko), and the designer creates the item. While this may seem an arduous process, it does create transparency for both groups. By allowing shoppers and designers to review each other's profiles, the transaction also feels far more personal for both parties.

David ten Have, Ponoko's CEO comments, "Ponoko ID is the world's first online service for getting unique products custom designed just for you, without the costs and hassles involved in finding a designer, manufacturer and materials."

Sounds like a win-win for both parties, and it's a novel way for aspirant designers to ply their trade in today's world.

Via: Springwise