Friday, September 26, 2008

Comic Storybook Boosts Asian Wine Sales

A Japanese anime comic series called “Kami no Shizuku” - which translates to “The Drops of God” is based on a wine enthusiast whose quest it is to find 12 of the best wines in the world.

PSFK describes the story as partly mystery but mainly a richly detailed and surreal wine review.

Reportedly, the comic series has sparked an overwhelming demand for wine in Asia, with mentions of specific wines becoming instant overnight sales phenomena. In some cases, the specific wines would literally triple in sales.

The comic is read by 500,000 Japanese each week and the sway it has over the wine market is spreading throughout Asia. Some wine importers say they have never seen such a powerful single influence on their business.

In Taiwan a single reference to a relatively obscure French brand led to dozens of cases of the wine being sold within a few days.

With the comic also being translated to Korean, the Telegraph says that sales of wine has increased from less than a third of the alcohol category market to around 70% of all alcohol sales.

Via: Telegraph, PSFK