Thursday, September 25, 2008

How Fuel Efficient Is the Prius, Really...?

The Prius has been hailed by many as a car designed with the best interests of our environment in mind. The halo effect as a result of this hybrid has done wonders for Toyota's green credentials worldwide, resulting in the Japanese manufacturer being ranked the most green conscious company in various surveys.

The popular British motoring show Top Gear, however, weren't convinced. "In the interest of science", they decided to pit the Prius against the latest generation M3 on a ten lap run around a racing track to see which car really is the more fuel efficient one.

The verified results came in with the Prius doing 17,2 miles per gallon, whilst the M3 managed 19,4 miles to a gallon... It's clearly not about what you drive, but how you drive it.