Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ready For The Air Car

It seems a car set to run on nothing but air (almost) will be available in the very near future. Could this be part of the solution to slow down global warming and set the standards for motoring design in the future?

According to the trend-spotters PSFK, there's a company named Zero Pollution Motors who will be releasing compressed air powered cars in United States by 2010. Designed by France’s MDI, the vehicle is 100% emmision free when running on air-only mode.

Allegedly, $2 worth of air is all it takes to fill the tank, and the car gets 106 petrol equivalent mpg. Top speed when running on air is 35mph, but a small fuel boost (gasoline, propane, ethanol or bio fuels) ramps it up to 90mph.

The compact cars can seat 6 people and has room for luggage, and is set to sell for around US$18000.