Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Amazing Brief = Amazing Results

Nike's division 6.0 Extreme Sports Group's first assignment to Hub Strategy led to the creation of an action-sports urban assault vehicle, converted from a 1959 amphibious tank-like truck. The vehicle has proven popular and will now visit various US cities over the next several months.

The brief for the project was, in fact, "Holy Crap!" - defined by the client as creating a presence impossible to ignore and aimed at creating a camera-phone viral response.

The vehicle features include a skate ramp, wakeboard tower, surf racks, skateboard rails and BMX racks - as well as creature comforts such as a barbeque, sleep-in camper shell, a waterproof CD player, radio and remote control iPod. Nike declined to disclose the total spend on the assignment.

It's amazing how an innovative brief from a client who's willing to take calculated risks can lead to such an unforgettable piece of communication.

Via: Adweek