Friday, August 22, 2008

Nokia Promotes N-Gage With FIFA

EA Sports' perennial top-seller is its FIFA franchised game. Based on real teams and realistic looking players, it's easy to see why the game has many addicted. The annoying bit, however, is that the game gets updated with the latest off-season transfers and improved game play every year around this time, prompting fans to keep up and buy the new version.

Previously, EA Games has waited a year or two before re-releasing an older version of the game in their attempt to further cash in on each version. The interesting development for last year's version, FIFA 08, is the recently announced tie-in with Nokia which sees the mobile brand give away 120,000 FIFA 08 licences as an added incentive to promote its N-Gage mobile gaming service to UK-based owners of the device.

In support of the giveaway,
Nokia has launched a series of virals videos, showing addicted gamers in semi-embarrassing situations. Rather entertaining and certainly worth a watch as a Friday wind-down.