Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Minority Report - Set In 2008?

I still remember watching Minority Report, not so many years ago and thinking to myself that the retinal scanning technology was fantastic. At the time, I thought technology like that belong firmly in the realms of science fiction as well as way in the distant future. Seems I was very wrong.

There have been reports that YCD Multimedia is going to be releasing digital signs that use facial recognition to custom tailor advertising on the fly.

The signage will be equipped with cameras that will scan shopper’s faces and determine their age, sex and ethnicity, based on facial features such as the size and shape of the nose, eyes, cheekbones and jaw line.

Once the system figures out who you are, it will serve up an ad for something it thinks you may want.

Initially, I suspect that the ads will only be demographically driven. But I'm sure it won't be long before databases are drawn up with truly tailored advertising the next logical step. Seems like the future is here.