Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Somebody Has Been Fired

2 Domino's employees seem to have struck social media infamy, to the detriment of their employer.

The young pair, named Michael and Kristy, posted a video on YouTube yesterday which has already received just over 440000 views at the time of posting. Michael and Kristy's video suggested that Domino's Pizza has been so successful due to the "secret ingredients". The pair then go on to insert pieces of cheese into their nose and waves pieces of salami in places where undigested food really shouldn't be. Both the salami and the cheese are then placed on the sandwiches.

AdAge reveals that this was not the first attempt at a video from Michael and Kristy. It seems that they made a series of videos, which the blog As Good As You has collected. In one, Michael appears to sneeze on cheese sticks. In another, which is not safe for work, Michael wipes his bare backside with a dish sponge.

Whilst the pair have already been terminated, Domino's spokesperson Tim McIntyre admits that the chain is looking into what can be done to prevent this in the future, but there's only so much a marketer can do.

This incident should hopefully show employers everywhere that it's often worth their while to ensure their employees are as passionate about their brand as the employers are. In the age of social media, detrimental messages are so easily spread, often disproportionately damaging brands' reputations.

Via - AdAge