Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Almost Fully Customised Magazines

Lexus launched a new initiative with the help of TIME Inc and Publishing Magazines in the US in an effort to highlight the new 2010 Lexus RX's customisable nature.

US users can log on to MINE and select 5 magazines that are of interest to them. The process then gets underway and registered users will receive 5 free issues of completely customised editions of MINE Magazine.

Articles from the originally chosen magazines appear in their custom magazines. Readers receive several issues with an article or two from each magazine, and issues come every two weeks. Each issue also includes Lexus ads personalised with readers’ names - along the lines of “The All New 2010 RX, Now With More John Doe” - or with references to the cities where they live.

While the idea is great and should make potential Lexus buyers feel special, the execution may be somewhat flawed, according to NY Times. It was reported that computer errors have caused subscribers to receive articles from magazines they had not chosen, and some of the articles that were included seemed outdated.

Nonetheless, it's still a brave and unique venture and should inspire other brands in their future communications.

Via - NY Times