Thursday, April 16, 2009

Energy Generating Dance Floors

The concept of ‘power dancing’ has just been given new meaning. Since the first sustainable dance club was launched in London July 2008, eight more have opened in Europe. The latest is Club Watt in Rotterdam boasting complete energy generation sustainability. The technology uses movement by the dancers to move the dance floor. This movement allows the energy creating battery chargers under the floor to power the club.

Enviu the Company behind this technology states that, ‘the average nightclub, with a sound system and lights blazing would consume 150 times more energy annually than a four person family.’ The new nightclub also features a variety of efficiency standards established by the Sustainable Dance Club Group that will allow it to save up to 90% on conventional energy consumption, 50% on water use, cut CO2 emissions by 30%, and reduce waste by 50%. Now a good party and dancing the night away could in fact save the world.

Via: popular mechanics