Friday, April 3, 2009

Boxed Water Is Better

Bottled water producers worldwide have been coming under fire for their lack of eco-consciousness with plastic bottles and the energy required to produce and transport them. Furthermore, the empty bottles have also contributed to an increase in waste.

It'd seem that the innovations are beginning to shift from flavour and variants and are now focused on improving the impact bottled water has on the environment.

PepsiCo's Aquafina brand announced the launch yesterday of the Eco-Fina bottle, made with 50% less plastic than normal Aquafina bottles. The new bottle, scheduled to begin shipping in April, will save an estimated 75 million pounds of plastic each year. Aquafina also plans on removing cardboard base pads from 24-packs--a move that will save 20 million pounds of corrugated cardboard each year.

Another perhaps more innovative example for the category can be found in an innovative startup company called Boxed Water is Better who have an interesting boxed design for their product. What's more, the company ships unfilled recylable containers to the water source in an attempt to keep pollution level low, and it donates 20% of all profits to world water relief and tree reforestation organisations.

Via - Fastcompany, Boxed Water is Better