Monday, June 15, 2009

Pep's Pep Talk Goes Viral

It'd seem that the secret behind FC Barcelona's recent Champions League triumph over Manchester United is out, and has gone viral in a very short period of time.

Barcelona's young and enigmatic coach Pep Guardiola enlisted the help of The National Catalonian TV to edit a video which was shown to Barcelona players prior to kick-off as a new and unusual form of motivation. The clip highlighted the best of Barcelona's 08/09 Season which was mixed with scene's from the blockbuster hit Gladiator.

According to Viralblog, the clip has now gone viral and has amassed over a million views on YouTube within 4 days of it's YouTube debut. It's an amazing example of the power of internal branding and demonstrates that when everyone within your organisation pulls together for a common purpose, the eventual success and word-of-mouth for your brand yields a far higher return on your initial investment.

Via - ViralBlog