Thursday, June 11, 2009

Pay As You Want Advertising Agency

With the recent global recesion, businesses have had to adopt strategies that will enable them to survive this economic downturn. One of the uncharacteristic business behaviors as a result of the recession is businesses are adopting pay-as-you-want schemes. Magazines, restaurants and hotels have led the way, now an advertising agency in the U.K is offering its clients a payment option that allows them to pay what they think the work is worth.

The briefing process begins when client submits a work request form with Agency Nil. Using temporary, freelance staff and recent graduates, the agency gets the work done by the deadline requested. It's then up to the client to decide how much the work is worth. There are standard costs that are agreed on before work commences these include: travel, proprietary research tools and production.

Lebber the co founder of the advertising agency states “The system has been terribly lopsided for a while now, and I hope this can be the start of a breaking point in the industry on some level. It won't depress the market—the price will still come up and down, and work will get done just the same. Except now, it won't be based on a set amount of hours to fill or stay under, and work can get done for work's sake. For quality's sake. For the client's sake."