Tuesday, June 2, 2009

GM Re:Invention

General Motors hasn't wasted anytime in repairing it's tarnished image shortly after filing for bankruptcy, aimed at explaining the "New GM" to the American public, highlighting the brand's new promise for more transparency amid their recent troubles.

Whilst the new campaign wasn't scheduled to launch until later this week, the automaker has already posted the 60-second spot online, including on YouTube and Facebook, a few hours after their filing for bankruptcy.

With promises of fewer, stronger brands featuring newer and greener technology, it would seem that GM is serious about this reinvention of the brand.

At the end of the spot, consumers are driven to a new website, which includes GM's FastLane blog. According to some of the posts on the blog, a key part of the new GM is transparency with consumers. In support of this new value, various GM leaders will host a series of live web chats, with the first breaking on the 4th June.

Via - AdAge