Monday, June 8, 2009

Dr Pepper Speaks A New Language

Dr Pepper, a distinctly American brand, has reached out to the youthful Hispanic market with their latest initiative.

Vida23 (meaning living one's life to the 23 flavours found in Dr Pepper) includes three main components. The first and biggest of the efforts involves a gigantic tractor-trailer that serves as the roving home for "Club23" - a Dr Pepper-themed mobile dance club and gaming center.

On the campaign site, users can download an exclusive song written specifically for the campaign and add their own flavour to it by remixing the track. Information for when and where the Vida23 mobile dance club/gaming centre will feature can also be found on the site.

With Dr Pepper expecting to spend between $15 million and $18 million on Hispanic advertising this year, the bold initiative should go some way to ensure that this important and increasingly confident target market adopts the brand within their core brand repertoire.

Via - Hispanic Marketing Weekly