Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Less Is More For Levi's

Levi's assessed the resources used in the manufacturing process of 501 denim in 2007 and discovered its jeans were, like the human body, mostly made of water.

Over the lifetime of its jeans, from the cotton fields to consumer to the laundry machine, an average pair of Levi's was found to use up 3480 liters of water, or"the equivalent of running a garden hose for 106 minutes."

Realising that it was difficult to change the behaviour of cotton farmers and consumers alike, Levi's decided to make a difference themselves.

The innovation in an attempt to save water in the manufacturing process has resulted in the Levi's Waterwill cost the same as the original Levi's, but will use 28% less water in the finishing process, which when multiplied by the 1.5 million pairs Levi's expects to sell this year, adds up to 16 million fewer liters of water consumed.

Via - Levi's