Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Screw You Recession

It would seem that brands and consumers are finally starting to make light of the doom and gloom around the global recession .

Originating from Virgin Mobile Canada is an interesting online initiative called Screw You Recession. The portal allows users to provide their own tips on money saving, as well as news and other finance-savvy ideas.

A practical and interactive tool on the website is the "Screw-u-lator", offering users the chance to pledge what and how they aim to save, as well as providing a combined Canadian saving to date.

There's also a nice graphic representation of the overall mood and atmosphere surrounding the recession in the Recession Mood-Meter, which invites users to participate and cast their vote on how the recession is currently affecting them.

Virgin Mobile is also making this portal to recruit talent. Through the 'screw you recession summer intern' program, successful candidates stand a chance of spending their summer holidays blogging, writing stories and conducting interviews with financial experts for the ScrewYou website.

Via - Contagious Magazine, Screw You Recession