Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Nokia's Co-Branded Phones

Nokia has been piloting an interesting initiative in Brazil over the past months, and it seems that the cellphone giant might almost be ready to introduce the program to the all-important US market.For an undisclosed fee, the world's biggest cellphone maker has been offering advertisers the right to place their own logo's on Nokia handsets. Advertisers are able to choose a particular Nokia phone that complements their demographic target, splash the handsets and the accessories with their visual identities, pre-load some mobile content into the handset and complete the look with their own branded and design casings - all in the hopes that cellphones wrapped in corporate logos will appeal to modern consumers.

In the Brazilian market, one of the program's best-selling phones belongs somewhat surprisingly to Unilever's Seda personal-care brand. Seda used a limited-edition pink Nokia phone to refresh its brand and launch a teen shampoo line. The $100 device, which came bundled with games, trial-size shampoos and exclusive music by a popular Brazilian band, sold out within two months; it eventually sold 200,000 units between April and December 2008, according to Nokia.

A successful launch in the US market would certainly attract more advertisers, who are always looking for fresh ways of engaging brand advocates. Would this mean that an Apple-branded Nokia phone might be on the horizon for those who can't afford iPhones?

Via - AdAge