Thursday, May 14, 2009

2010 Campaign Gets The World ‘Diski’ Dancing

The word ‘diski’ is Township lingo that means, when loosely translated, ‘playing soccer.’ This word has inspired the beat and the rhythm of the new 2010 television advertisement campaign.

The dance launched at the Tourism Indaba on the 11th of May, will be the official 2010 dance. The Diski Dance will be spread across the world with a 60 second commercial which will be screened on major local and global television networks including BBC World, SABC Africa, CNN International, Sky, EuroSport, and Fox. The advert will reach more than 600 million people between now and kick-off in 2010. The dance effectively captures the festive mood of South African football lovers.

“This will take the dance and welcoming spirit of 2010 to millions of South Africans to a worldwide audience. It will also give the campaign the domestic traction that it needs if South Africans are to truly welcome the world to this great celebration,” says Sugen Pillay, South African Tourism’s Head of Marketing for 2010. The campaign is collaboration between the International Marketing Council, South African Tourism and the 2010 Organising Committee. “The campaign is uniquely South African. It exudes warmth, is inspirational, involving and makes you feel proud. It is about celebration, solidarity and encapsulates the African and South African spirit of Ubuntu,” says Paul Bannister, IMC acting Chief Executive Officer. The campaign has set the tone for the 2010 celebration by truly capturing Africa’s rhythm.

Via:SA Tourism