Monday, May 25, 2009

After – Heels Vending Machines

What we take for granted as the species from Mars is totally different in the world of our female counterparts from Venus. Choosing what shoes to wear could easily result in a 30 minute delay on a good night. If you have seen a woman’s intriguing ‘going out ritual’, you would have heard of ‘emergency flats.’ Women who love their high heels often carry flat shoes that roll up and fit into their handbags. These emergency shoes often rescue them from the pain caused by a long night of dancing.

Two London based companies have developed a vending machine that sells portable flats outside night clubs. These ‘after- heels’ are similar to roll up ballet flats. The company has even predicted the inevitable problem of colour schemes. The shoes come in a range of colours: Hi Ho Silver, Gold Digger, Back to Black, white and pink. But wait there’s more; you’ll also receive a matching handbag to slip your high heels into. It’s very hard to imagine a place in the world where this innovation wouldn’t receive massive support from female club goers.