Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Online Gardening With Honda

To support the Honda's UK launch of the green-friendly Honda Insight, the company is launching a gardening-themed online campaign called 'Good to Grow', which invites users to care for five real plants for the chance to win £10,000. The campaign aims to highlight the Insight's eco driver assist system, which features a dashboard display with five "plants" that grow the more efficiently you drive.

As of April 2, competitors will be encouraged to look after five real plants from bulb to full bloom, though they will not actually have the plants in their personal care because they will be based in a remote location. As such, competitors will have to complete daily challenges to ensure the plants are nurtured. A live greenhouse webcam will keep entrants updated on how their plants are developing.

The person with the first five plants to bloom fully will win a £10,000 prize to split equally between an environmentally-friendly holiday and a registered charity of their choice.

Via - Honda