Monday, March 9, 2009

Get Free Product By Purchasing Competitors' Offering?

Pepsi's Mountain Dew soft drink has had a fantastic following over the past few years, especially in the US. The brand has managed to connect with young consumers through innovative product placements and new media-based campaigns. According to Advertising Age, the brand currently enjoys around 80% market share of the citrus carbonated soft-drink category in the US.

Coca-Cola isn't sitting back, however. In an unprecedented campaign to induce trial of Coca-Cola's own offering, called Vault, Coca-Cola has launched an aggressive campaign known as "Don't Dew It".

An interesting element in the campaign is the "Vault Taste Challenge". During the promotional period, Mountain Dew purchasers with a Vault coupon are offered a Vault, absolutely free of charge.

With the current economic climate, coupon-redemption rates are on the rise, jumping 10% in the fourth quarter after years of declines. Experts estimate redemption of the Vault coupons could reach as high as 40%.

Via: AdAge