Friday, March 20, 2009

Coke's Still Number 1

CoreBrand's Brand Power Index research for 2008 has concluded that Coca-Cola still remains the most powerful brand today, with Johnson and Johnson following in the number 2 spot. Worryingly for brands today, the remaining top 10 in the index remained basically unchanged. Only the Kellogg's company - in 10th place- posted any marked increase, jumping from 21st spot in 2005.

Of the top 100 brands, some of the biggest sliders are Starbucks, Pepsi and Microsoft. Microsoft has slipped from 26th position in 2005 to 54th spot in 2008. However, the tech giants can still take heart as they are still 37 spots above Apple.

Jim Gregory, CoreBrand's CEO, attributes the fall of Starbuck's as a natural evolution of a brand that has grown to fast and become too diversified in the process. It'd be interesting to see whether the brand rebounds quickly or continues it's downward decline over the course of 2009.

The other expected big losers resulting from the survey are the American automakers. GM has dropped 11 spots and now ranks at 41, triggered by a massive drop in the favourability score index.

The CoreBrand's Brand Power index ranks 100 corporate brands in terms of market reputation and awareness. The annual ranking is conducted by surveying 400 corporate executives across 1,200 companies and 49 industries, with financial performance, perception of management and investment potential taken into account.

Via: AdAge