Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Scrolling In Thin Air

Having taken a beating in terms of marketing by Apple, Microsoft hopes that its latest challenge to the Apple iPhone in the form of the multi-touch interface would win the brands some points in the marketplace.

The PC maker released their innovative SideSight system last week which allows users to control actions on a cell phone screen by moving their fingers along side the device. Infrared sensors pick up motions up to 10 centimeters away and translate them into movement on the screen.

Like the iPhone, the device supports multi-touch interactions. By coordinating fingers on either side, the user can drag, rotate and change the size of images on the display. When photos become larger than the tiny screen, people reported feeling that they were touching the imaginary edges of the photos. Apparently, the device currently places a huge strain on the battery, a fault the researchers aim to rectify before making the device available to consumers.

Via: New Scientist, PSFK