Thursday, October 16, 2008

Electric Car Charging Infrastructure In Germany Soon

It has been announced that Berlin will kick off the world’s largest effort to get electric cars on the road.
Plans have been approved for the creation of 500 power-points around the city where electric cars can charge up. Electric company RWE will be responsible for installing the charging stations, and Daimler AG and Smart seem to be the first motoring manufacturers on-board with the effort, having pledged at least 100 electric Smart Cars on the streets of Berlin by the end of 2009.

It would seem Greenpeace has some reservations about the latest initiative, as there have been no guarantees as yet regarding whether the source of the electric power to be used to power the recharge points will originate from renewable sources. Greenpeace also stated that if coal powered electricity is used, the environment would actually be better off if we all started using cleaner diesel fuel.

Via: PSFK, Treehugger