Monday, December 6, 2010

Jag 75th Birthday Present To Themselves

Jaguar showcased their latest concept car - known as the C-X75 - at the Paris Auto Show earlier this year.

Each wheel on the concept car is currently driven an individual 145kW electric motor which are all powered by one large 19.6kWh lithium ion battery. This system delivers all wheel drive and promises to provide extra control and traction as well as intense torque (0-62 in 3.4 seconds). On a single charge, which takes 6 hours from a conventional household plug to achieve, the C-X75 can travel up to 68 miles with zero emissions.

For extended range Jaguar has equipped the supercar with two 70kW gas powered micro turbines. The turbines can used to quickly recharge the internal battery or can be used in conjunction with the battery to achieve the car's top speed of 205 mph.

Via - Cool Hunting