Monday, February 23, 2009

TV Still Effective - If The Creative's Great

Despite the doom-and-gloom which had been cast in the way of TV as an advertising medium over the past decade or so, a growing body of evidence which suggests not only that TV advertising still works, but that it may be working better than ever.According to AdAge, analyses and studies on advertising effectiveness for years find no evidence that all of the problems TV advertising faces have done anything to render it less effective.

The Media Marketing Assessment (MMA), a unit of Synovate, stated that whilst there hasn't been a significant trend in the erosion of TV effectiveness, TV has in fact emerged as having improved it's effectiveness as an advertising medium. The MMA also has found a surprising spillover effect for TV in digital media: About a third of search queries for brands studied are driven by offline advertising, particularly TV - a higher proportion than that driven by online-display advertising. This finding was corroborated by other research highlighted by the article.

However, despite the improved effectiveness of TV since 1995, more than half of US advertisers (16 of 29) surveyed in the study still lost money by running their TV ads. Unsurprisingly, the reason attributed to successful campaigns rests solely on the quality of the creative thinking.

Via: AdAge