Monday, February 16, 2009

Roads As Powerstations

An environmentally friendly road that generates its own energy that can be converted into electricity may sound odd - although now entirely possible, thanks to some smart thinking by Haim Abromovich, a scientist from the Israeli Institute of Technology.

The feat has been made possible by placing piezoelectric crystals under the tar that converts vibrations from passing vehicles into energy. The faster and heavier the vehicle is, the more energy the road harvests. Abromovich states that “the crystals can produce 400 kilowatts from a kilometer stretch of a four lane highway. In addition to producing energy, the technology can identify the speed, weight and distance interval of the vehicles. The data can be sent to a control centre and can be used to alert drives, police, road maintenance and emergency services.

The road was developed and marketed by Innowatt Technologies and Abromovich has been appropriately named as the ‘smart road.’

Via: Innowatt Tech