Thursday, January 15, 2009

World Thorium Fuel Concept Vehicle

US designer Loren Kulesus has designed a prototype vehicle for Cadillac which would theoretically be able to run for 100 years under daily use.

According to the designer, there are redundancies and back-up systems built for all the major systems of the vehicle so even if something were to fail on the vehicle it would continue to function.

For example, the vehicle has 24 wheels with individual internal induction motors. All that's required in terms of upkeep on the vehicle is the need for the tyres to be re-adjusted once every 5 years.

In terms of the body of the vehicle, the designer has envisaged that it flexes like a muscle to allow superior road-handling characteristics, as well as allowing for automatic adjustment of the angle of the wheels to the contact surface of the road according to the movement of the vehicle - thereby maximising efficiency to power the vehicle.

Via: Coroflot, PSFK