Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Design Your Table On Your Phone

A Swiss company called mSHAPE has introduced a new technology which allows customers to tailor and design their own tables, literally from the palm of their hands.

Interested users can download and install the mTABLE application onto their phones. Thereafter, users are able to select the general table they are looking for, their desired material and dimensions, as well as adding personal touches in the form of decorations. Users can also create a variety dips, dents, and holes on the surface of their table.

Individual designs can then be submitted to the company's website whereby a high-res 3D version of the table can be viewed. Users also have the option of browsing other designs. Once the order has been verified and ordered, customers will receive their unique creations within 12 weeks.

It seems like an interesting way to get more consumers interacting with this particular brand in a novel way, but the extra step of having to log on to the site to view and place their orders seems like an unnecessary hassle which might annoy potential users.