Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Love @ First Site

A chocolate brand by the name of Lacta has recently launched an interactive web film which requires users to actively participate in the story.

The 10 chapters of the story is told in flashback, and from time to time, users must mouse over spots on the screen and make the right choices to help progress the story to a happy ending. Should the user get stuck at any point in the story, they'd need to type in a unique code found only on selected Lacta chocolate wrappers in order to be given a hint and continue with the story.

The campaign also enables Facebook sharing, with a "become a Facebook Fan" element, along with a "send to a friend" to further fuel the viral spread of the campaign.

It's a fun and engaging experience and definitely entertaining enough to keep the user coming back. A great example of how brands can easily engage and interact with their target market at a relatively low cost.

Via: Contagious Magazine, Lacta