Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wine for Homosexual Men

There seems to be a growing number of brands targeting the lucrative gay consumer market, a trend that has been exemplified by certain bespoke services that target the gay consumer directly. In recent years we have seen a banking service, hotels, wedding boutiques, restaurants and travel websites specifically target gay consumers. The recent addition to this growing trend is the introduction of a Spanish wine, specifically marketed to homosexual men. UO! is a new brand of wine created with gay men in mind, with the packaging and website imagery tailored accordingly.

The winemakers describe their offering by defining the Sauvignon Blanc and Verdejo as a blend, featuring earth tones and "wisps of flowers and fruit – the perfect accompaniment to a gathering of friends on a hot day, whether the heat comes from within or without." Antinoo, meanwhile, is a Monastrell that's "young and mature, fruity, elegant, smooth…Mediterranean.... When you try it, shut your eyes and imagine that you are licking rivulets of syrup from his body.” This is merely one example of a niche brand that has decided to targeted the growing homosexual market, and has done so successfully.